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Lysianne Unruh, Happiness Strategist, life coach, how to be happy, life after divorce, how to survive divorce, empty nest, best life

Lysianne Unruh

Happiness Strategist and Life Coach


I’m a Happiness Strategist. I help clients live happy, energetic, and thriving lives.

Do you yearn for more freedom, joy, and meaning in your life?

I help women turn their uncertainty, restlessness, and dissatisfaction into happy, energetic, and thriving lives. My clients learn to approach each new phase of life with joy,  authenticity, and personal power.

If you’re turning 30 or 70, or some age in between, take this opportunity to craft a good-feeling, purposeful road map toward a fulfilling life.

If you’re divorced, facing an empty nest, or simply feel restless and dissatisfied with your life, it’s time to rebuild – or redesign – and plan a future you love.

Transformation calls.

Let’s talk.

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Thought-Partner Sessions

One-on-One Coaching
Time to Thrive Coaching, Lysianne Unruh, Life Coach,


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Time to Thrive Coaching, testimonialsLysianne Unruh, Life Coach, best life, how to be happy, empty nesting, empty nest, life after divorce, happiness strategist, empowerment coach

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Surefire Strategies for Happiness
Time to Thrive Coaching, Lysianne Unruh, Life Coach

Thought-Partner Sessions

If we’re honest with ourselves, every decade of a woman’s life is ripe for reinvention.
  • We’re not the women we once were. The roles we played are no longer required or suit us.
  • Time and circumstances surprise, challenge, or devastate, forging us anew.
  • Like an oyster turns a tiny irritant into a pearl, we gain by turning lessons into gifts.

Thought-partner sessions create a sacred space for you to do your most powerful work, while I listen, ask questions, and hold you accountable when you need it most.

You get to bring it ALL to our sessions, because:

  • What you complain about reveals your fears and where you’re playing small.
  • Your current frame of mind is what keeps you feeling stuck and in a rut.
  • Your yearnings point toward the direction you need to go.

Good or bad, happy or sad, it all begins with this simple truth: Our thoughts create our emotions which influence the actions we take.

Together, we’ll focus on:

  • Mindset shifts toward positive perspectives and beneficial thoughts.
  • Strategies for regulating emotions so you can feel calm, centered, and productive.
  • Bold action to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I work with women who yearn for more freedom, joy, and meaning in their lives. I help them approach each new phase of life (or brand-new decade) from a place of joy and personal power.

By investing in yourself, you will:

  • Dream new dreams and craft a plan for reaching them.
  • Gain clarity and confidence for embracing your newfound purpose.
  • Fill your well-being tool box with strategies for living a happy, joy-filled life.
Let’s Talk


Boost your happiness! Learn helpful practices and thrive.

I’m happy to share my favorite happiness strategies publicly, too. I’m delighted to speak at small gatherings – book groups, meet-ups, women’s circles – to corporate lunch-and-learns or keynote presentations.

Here are a few of my favorite topics:

  • Lessons Learned on the Run.
  • Four Easy Strategies for Everyday Ease and Calm.
  • Workplace Appreciation: Cultivating Allies Not Enemies.
  • Let Happiness Land: The Science of a Calm, Peaceful Life.
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Time to Thrive Coaching, Six Surefire Strategies for Happiness and Thriving

Free Guide

Resilience: 6 Surefire Strategies for Happiness and Thriving

I created this guide to help you live a happy, thriving life. I offer strategies I found most effective while rebuilding mine. In it, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Cultivate Tranquility
  2. Befriend Your Feelings
  3. Choose Powerful Perspectives
  4. Harness Positive Emotions
  5. Let Go and Forgive
  6. Imagine Possibilities
COMING SOON – surefire strategies!

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Each keynote/workshop runs between 45 – 60 minutes in length (and can be extended). I can also tailor presentations to the needs and interests of your group.

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Lysianne Unruh, Happiness Strategist, life coach, how to be happy, life after divorce, how to survive divorce, empty nest, best life

Lysianne Unruh

Certified Life Coach, CCPC
“What I appreciate most about Lysianne is her intuitive ability to know the right things to zero in on to be helpful. I felt the coaching experience was a true partnership.”

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Useful Articles

I offer happiness practices I use in my own life, along with plenty of wisdom from happiness experts in the positive psychology field.

Peter J.
Knows he can draw on what he learned to help him through future rough spots.

Lysianne was an awesome listener, and very perceptive. I found her very easy to talk to, a calming personality to be around, and a thoughtful, caring person. She has a good sense of humor and her ability to laugh helped me to open up.

Beth M.
Discovered the empowerment of prioritizing her well-being.

I learned to prioritize the things I need to do to feel my best: getting outside, eating well, exercising routinely, and setting my day up for success. I now keep a stock of homemade, frozen meals for my lunches, and prepare the next day the night before.

Jennifer T.
Proud of being more powerful, confident, and whole.

A significant “Ah-moment” arrived through conversations about vibrational frequency. I recognized I was spending a lot of time on a lower frequency, and could move higher. This has been life-changing, really. Along with recognizing my gifts and talents. I don’t think I ever really appreciated myself the way I do now. I also learned the…

J. Johnson.
Came away with helpful tools and practices for navigating the IVF process.

Coaching was a wonderful way to navigate through difficult personal terrain – Lysianne is very kind, compassionate. Our sessions helped me get a handle on my emotional turbulence around infertility. I am more in touch with my emotions, and better able to handle them as they arise, with greater ease and grace.

Tammi S.
Took charge of her finances and expanded her friendship circle.

My best take-away: remembering to mine my life for ‘surprise & delight’ moments every day (rather than waiting for the BIG ones). Also, it’s ok to own that I’m a shining star at my job. It really is about the journey, not the destination.

Holly H.
Discovered the power of connecting with and leaning into her best self for guidance.

I learned about the Drama versus Empowerment Triangle. As a result, I now take a step back, identify which triangle I’m on, and focus on being a creator (instead of a victim). The powerful heart-centered breathing practice has helped me to center, be gentle with myself, and appreciate life.